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Malic acid

Malic acid

Malic acid, also known as 2 - hydroxy succinic acid, has two stereoisomers due to the presence of an asymmetric carbon atom in the molecule. There are three forms in nature, namely D malic acid, L malic acid and its mixture DL malic acid. White crystalline or crystalline powder with strong moisture absorption, easily soluble in water and ethanol. Have a special pleasant sour taste. Malic acid is mainly used in food and medicine industry.



1.Malic Acid taste is close to the natural apples sour, compared with citric acid, with acidity, flavor and soft, long residence time, etc., have been widely used in high-end beverage, food and other industries.
2.Malic Acid, citric acid cycle intermediates organism, can participate in the process of fermentation of a microorganism can be used as a carbon source for microbial growth, and therefore can be used in food fermentation agent. Yeast can be done for example growth-promoting agent may also be added to fermented milk.
3.Malic Acid can produce pectin gel effect, it can be used to make fruit cake, jam and jelly gel state purees, etc.
4.Malic Acid can be widely used as food preservative.
5.Malic Acid can be used for deodorant can remove fishy and body odor.
6.Malic Acid has opposite utensils strengthening effect. It can make the gluten in the protein disulfide groups increases, larger protein molecules to form a macromolecular network structure, and enhance the permeability of the dough elasticity and toughness.
7.Malic Acid can be used to make savory food, reduce the amount of salt.
8.Malic Acid can be used as some food color retention agent, for example,natural sherbet color retention agent.
9.Malic Acid has good antioxidant capacity, can retard oxidation and extend shelf life, maintaining color, flavor and nutritional value of food.
10.Malic Acid can be used in pharmaceutical formulations, tablets, syrups, and the amino acid may also be formulated into a solution, can significantly improve the absorption of amino acids; malic acid can be used in the treatment of liver disease, anemia, low immunity, uremia, hypertension, liver failure and other diseases, and to reduce the toxic effects of anticancer drugs on normal cells.
11.Malic Acid can be used on cosmetics, it can mild to remove old waste excess skin, enhance skin metabolism.
12.Malic Acid can be used as detergents, synthetic materials, one fluorescent brighteners. Add to shellac or other varnish to prevent paint crust.

13.Malic Acid can be used on health and care products.