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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose(HPMC)

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose(HPMC)

HPMC is odorless, tasteless,non-toxic cellulose ethers producted from natural hIgh molecular cellulose through series of chemical processing and achieved.It is white powder with good water solubility. It has thickening, adhesion ,dispersing, emulsifying, film, suspended, adsorption, gel, and protetive colloid properties of surface activity and maintain moisture function properties ect.



This product is used as thickener, dispersant, binder, excipient, oil resistant coating, filler, emulsifier and stabilizer in textile industry. It is also widely used in synthetic resin, petrochemicals, ceramics, papermaking, leather, cosmetics and other industries.

1. Construction industry: as the water retaining agent and retarder of cement mortar, the mortar can be pumped. In plastering mortar, gypsum, putty powder or other building materials as adhesive, improve the daubing performance and extend the operation time. It can be used to paste ceramic tile, marble and plastic decoration, paste reinforcing agent, and reduce cement consumption. The water retention property of HPMC makes the paste not crack after coating because of drying too fast, and enhances the strength after hardening.

2. Ceramic manufacturing industry: widely used as adhesive in ceramic product manufacturing.

3. Coating industry: as thickener, dispersant and stabilizer in coating industry, it has good solubility in water or organic solvent. As paint remover.

4. Ink printing: as thickener, dispersant and stabilizer in ink industry, it has good solubility in water or organic solvent.

5. Plastic: used as mold release agent, softener, lubricant, etc.

6. PVC: as a dispersant in PVC production, it is the main auxiliary for PVC preparation by suspension polymerization.

7. Detergent: improve the viscosity of detergent and bubble stability.

8. Others: This product is also widely used in leather, paper products, fruits and vegetables preservation and textile industry.


Product name
content of hydroxypropyl
content of  methoxy
gel temperature(℃)
PH Value
light transmittance
packing density
white or almost white powder
5-200,000 It can be custmized